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Honicomb Group LTD Route de Pré-Bois 26, 1215 Geneva, Switzerland

Baby Cereals

Contact us for our extensive range of baby cereals. Features including organic, non-sugar, with/without milk.

Cute Baby Cereals

Delicious cereals made for toddlers 4 months old and up.

plain baby cereal

Plain Baby Cereal

Baby Cereal with Milk


Organic Baby Cereal

Cute Baby - Plain Baby Cereal

Top-quality baby cereals made with various types of grains and fruits.  They are suitable for babies from 4 months old and up.  Contact us for more details.

Cute Baby - Cereal With Milk

Our wonderful tasting baby cereals also come in with-milk.  There is a choice of cow milk or goat milk.  Please reach us for more details.

Organic baby cereal

Cute Baby - Organic Cereal

Our world-known organic baby cereals are a natural and healthy way of weaning your baby.  The ingredients are sourced from certified organic farms and facilities ensuring the highest quality possible. Contact us for details.

Contact Us Now

Cute Baby Cereals are made in Europe according to standards with the quality you would expect from a European-made product.  We’ll be happy to provide you more details upon your inquiry.  Please contact us.