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Cute Baby – Baby Milk Formula Our top-quality formula for newborn babies from 0 to 36 months old. Nutritionally tailored to support the development of baby during these critical stages of her life. Our products are made from top quality raw ingredients sourced and manufactured locally in Europe. See our range for your best market choice. See Our Formula Range Cute Baby – Baby Cereals Our advance quality baby cereals are made from natural ingredients in variety of flavors. They can be mixed in water, milk, breastmilk, or various juices, making a wonderful meal or snack for babies from 4 months and up. See our range within and contact us for availability and options. Cute Baby – Baby Biscuits Our baby biscuits come in four flavors and are a wonderful and tasty way of weaning babies. Soaked in warm water or milk for spoon-feeding the baby as a meal or they can also be offered out-of-the-box as enjoyable snacks. BABY BISCUITS BANANA BABY BISCUITS COCOA Cute Baby – Baby Puree Our baby purees are a great addition to our collection of baby food. They are great baby snacks and come in 3 flavors of pumpkin, sweet potato, and carrot. HELPING CHILDREN